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Chef Profile: Charmaine McGunia

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Charmaine McGunia

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Education: Associate degree in Culinary Arts

My Mantra... What God has for me is for me.


Nothing makes me happier than helping others. It is something I learned from my mother and grandmother.



Thinking back to your early years, was there a chef or culinary instructor that had a significant impact on your professional journey? If so, please share.

Chef Thomas Capretta and Chef Tony Fortner


What professional accomplishment are you most humbled by and why?

I am most humble about being the first female chef at my current establishment.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is vital to the longevity and success of any professional. On your most challenging day, where do you draw inspiration to continue feeding your passion for this work?

On a challenging day, I draw my strength from God.

What is the toughest decision you’ve made professionally? The toughest decision for me was making a transition from being a hairdresser to becoming a chef.


The essentials to creating a harmonious work environment are...

Never take anything too seriously and be supportive of one another.

What have you come to learn about success?

Being humble and patient.

What have you come to learn about balancing career and lifestyle?

Never bring work home and vice versa.


What part of your job brings you the most joy?

The part of my job that brings me joy is knowing that my food brings happiness to others.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned professionally? How do you apply this lesson to the work you do?

The most important lesson I have learned is you must have a passion for cooking. I apply this by giving 100%.


My ideal vacation is... My ideal vacation would be Jamaica. I love the cuisine and Reggae music.

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