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Restaurant Review: Cleveland Breakfast Club

Executive Chef Hugh Finch

There is a new dual-concept restaurant on Cleveland’s historic Shaker Square that is a must try!

I must admit that when I first heard about it, I was intrigued. I have seen other dual-concept establishments, but nothing like this. The Cleveland Breakfast Club and the Cleveland Vegan Club have changed the game. They have truly taken this concept to the next level.

Situated on Shaker Square where the old Yours Truly Restaurant was located, the Breakfast Club is not your usual breakfast restaurant. When it comes to unique offerings and incredibly, creative décor, I guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like it in greater Cleveland.

Prior to my visit, I didn’t know what to expect. The decor is industrial chic that reminds you of the old school southern factory space that housed a restaurant. The visionary Executive Chef Hugh Finch has created a wonderful mix of classic breakfast items that are presented in masterful plated presentations; the pancakes are square, not round and have a hint of vanilla and cinnamon. The bacon options include both pork and turkey, and the crab cakes benedict were the best I ever eaten.

Their shrimp and lobster grit cakes are made with Canadian lobster that is tender, with a sweet note. The dish was topped off with a spicy creole sauce served over a crispy sautéed grit cake made in heaven.

The Vegan Club boasts a dynamic menu as well. Now, let me be clear, that I am not a Vegan, but Executive Chef Porscha Phillips has made me a new “vegan cuisine” convert. I have to say that the menu items are unique. And she is absolutely one of the best vegan chefs you will have the pleasure of meeting.

Surprisingly, the food is so tasty and flavorful that you can’t tell its vegan, because most people think that vegan dishes lack flavor). Well, I’m here to testify “that isn’t true.” From the vegan alfredo, to the crab cakes, you will be blown away by the taste, presentation and her culinary skills.

Executive Chef Porscha Phillips

But the belle of the ball, was her vegan chocolate-covered strawberry cake with a coconut crumble filling.

I am a diehard dessert lover and I have tasted cakes from some of the best pastry chefs around. However, when I say this is the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten, please believe me. I don’t know how it’s possible to create a cake that tasted like that and the recipe did not include any eggs, butter or milk.

I am truly excited by her creativity coupled with vision of the general Manager/owner, Shawn Wynn. He has assembled a “dream team” of chefs that have created something special. you can tell he’s no newcomer to the restaurant business. It is obvious that a lot of time and effort went into the development of this dual -concept and, he has them both working to perfection!

There is so much to enjoy, that this place has to be on your bucket list. Once you visit either restaurant, you will agree, that this is a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Cleveland Breakfast Club

The Vegan Club

13228 Shaker Square, Cleveland

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