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Restaurant Review: Cafe Tandoor

Let me begin by saying that Café Tandoor is by far the best Indian restaurant in the city of Cleveland.

My first experience with Indian cuisine was through a gift certificate to one of the popular eateries around town. I was not familiar with the cuisine so I asked the server to recommend a couple of items on the menu that I should try.

He made some intriguing suggestions, and I decided to accept his recommendations. The food was visually appealing and tasted great! Naturally, as an Executive Chef, I thought that I knew what Indian food was supposed to taste like.

Well imagine my surprise when I experienced the amazing Indian spices, like cardamon, clove, cumin, coriander, nutmeg, mace and mustard seed. And the melding of the flavors was phenomenal. Chef Suraj is truly a master when it comes to balancing herbs and spices.

The butter chicken was so tender it melted in my mouth. The flavor profile was mild with a hint of heat and spices.

The Meat Samosas were packed with ground lamb, peas cashews and raisins. Served with a duo of yogurt, date sauces and marinated onions, these ingredients are the perfect combination for tantalizing flavor bombs.

My personal favorite was the Lamb Sagg Gosht that is cooked with spinach, onions and garlic. The flavor of this dish was so amazing that all I had to add was my fork. The saffron rice was perfumed with clove for a flavor profile that is perfection. Surprisingly, their Nan bread comes in several flavors.

I also tasted the Masala Kulcha. Filled with ground vegetables, paneer and spices, they come made to order fresh out of the oven.

Finally, the staff was very professional and eagerly shared stories about the various dishes and their Indian culture.

When you get a chance, please dine at Café Tandoor. I promise, you will have the same wonderful experience that my wife and I enjoyed.

Happy eating!

Café Tandoor

Locations in Cleveland Heights, Aurora, and Westlake, Ohio

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